On this page I will list all the picnics, bazaars, festivals, & fairs that I attended during the 2022 picnic season. Also some comments about the event, and my rating of the event.

Due to the issue with my left foot, I will most likely only be visiting limited picnics this season. Feel free to e mail your ratings of any picnics you attend and I will publish them.

Berwick Riverfest

Test Track Park Berwick

October 7, 2022

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This is the fourth time that I have attended this event. It is a smaller version of the Bloomsburg fair. With my feet I would not be able to walk the Bloomsburg fair but this I can handle. This was the first time I went on a Friday. The good of going on a Friday is easy parking and no huge crowds. No lines at the vendors. They have many of the same vendors that then Bloomsburg fair has. Seems like there were a few more vendors than last year. I missed the car show which is only on the weekend. The one person singer was very entertaining and she did many songs that bands rarely do. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay to hear the main band on the main stage, they were just getting ready to play when we were leaving. I guess they eliminated the air boat rides unless that is only on the weekend. The best thing was the offensive propaganda stand from last year was gone. There were some stands selling political signs but it was divided evenly both sides of the fence. All and all it was a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a Friday. I will definately be back again as long as I can walk at the same level. Sadly this is the official last event of the 2022 picnic season. Here comes a long and boring fall and winter season.


Circle Drive In Dickson City, PA

September 15, 2022

Rating (Barely) 2 ** out of 5 *

This is the first year for this event. So I thought I would give it a try. BORING! Huge waste of the $10 admission fee. I probably should have turned back when I was the only car at the gate. Parking was great because there were only a few cars in the lot. Probably less than 100 "fair goers" on the entire property. There were only 3 people in the beer tent. They had several classic rides for the children. So if you have children who like to ride then the $10 would have been worth it. It seemed like there were less than 20 vendors. The first band Lovesick Kids from Nashville Tennessee wouldn't have been bad if they played anything that you could recognise. They both had a good voice. If they played some covers their show wouldn't have been too bad. The second band Kulick and April Rose from Tamaqua were LOUD. They played all originals. YUCK!. The lead singer said 20 times how much he hated social media but be sure to like their Facebook page. Spelling the name of the band every time. The food trucks were EXPENSIVE! I ended up getting 1 slice of pizza and a Coke from the snack bar for $7. Can you say corporate greed. Right now it is unlikely if they have this event again next year I probably will not attend. This was a very poor excuse for a fair

Our Lady of the Abingtons

Fall Festival

Dalton, PA

September 11, 2022

Rating 3 *** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This picnic used to be much larger. For the last several years it is much smaller and doesn't book top name bands any more. There was no car show this year. Possibly due to the rain. It is not a very exciting picnic but is still a nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. The Quietmen are not a very exciting band but they are good for a relaxing way to spend a few stress free hours. They play some classic Irish ethnic songs as well as some top 40 favorites. Their beer pitcher never went dry. When they went on break they had a one man singer to provide some musical entertainment. He was ok, played many hits. Not a great singer but listenable. The chicken BBQ was delicious as expected. It was a dollar more expensive than last year. I remembered to bring napkins because they don't give you enough. The pizza was acceptable and the potato pancakes were excellent. You are allowed to walk around with your beer and several stands had a TV so you could watch the football game. All and all it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a rainy Sunday. I will be back next year.

Felittese Festival

Third Street Old Forge

September 9, 2022

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

The Felittese Festival is back the way it used to be. Gone is the Sinatra impersonator with the karaoke machine. The band Picture Perfect was excellent as expected. The food was great although a little expensive. But it was delicious so it was worth it. The lines were huge all night. The Rossi's Market stand was busy right up to 9pm closing. Parking was a block away as expected in front of Salernos. They had plenty of tables to eat on both sides of the venue. Also plenty of chairs to hear the band. I just hope they keep the festival this way. I will definately be back next year. My only complaint is a 9pm closing is too early. They should stay open till 10pm.

La Festa Italiana

Downtown Scranton

September 2, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

Here is the good and the bad. There is more good than bad. The food is excellent. The variety is huge. The prices are high but that is to be expected at a festival like this. The crowds are huge but they have plenty of seating. The band on the second stage was very good. The Billy Joel tribute act on the main stage was excellent but they only played for an hour. Most highlighted bands play longer. It was a very enjoyable few hours, Several of my friends were there. The automatic kiosk at the Linden Street garage actually worked correctly. (Raise the American Flag) I took pictures of the ticket in case I got jipped like last several times. But it worked. Yeah! The people ahead of me had an issue with the kiosk because it wouldn't give them change. Oh well! Now the bad. People bringing their pet dogs. I love animals but with all the food and people that is no place for a dog. Also as expected teenagers who have no idea what it is like to have difficulty walking. Their heads going one way and their feet going another. Not watching where they are walking. Also the teenage love couples clamped on to each other like they will never see the other one again. The worst thing of the whole event is Scranton "businessman" Bob Bolus had his do nothing republican propaganda truck parked on Biden St.. Sadly the city administration is perfectly fine with this partisan propaganda at the festival and allows him to park the propaganda truck for free for several days. When festival goers have to pay $6 for parking. Why is the administration of Scranton so afraid of Bolus.

Sherwood Park Summer Festival

Sherwood Ave. Dunmore, PA

August 20, 2022

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

This is a rather small local picnic. It is mainly for the residents of Dunmore. It is a nice picnic. The food was reasonably priced and good. You can walk around with your beer. There were less food trucks this year than last year. The Wannabes were very entertaining and are perfect for a smaller picnic like this one. Parking was tight as expected but I got lucky and parked close to the park. They also had games and bouncy rides for the children. Not an exciting picnic but a nice way to spend a few hours with your friends listening to decent music. I will be back next year.

Pioneer Nights Festival

Downtown Carbondale

August 19, 2022

Rating 3 *** out of 5 *

This picnic was rather disappointing. It was smaller than year. The parking is a block away as expected. The food was rather expensive. The pizza was very good but expensive. The meatballs I could have used to play a round of golf at Pine Hills with. The price of soda varied between stands. Most of the food stands were not busy except for the catering stand. I didn't buy there because it was very expensive. The bar was empty. They had some table and bleacher seating but not enough. Parents didn't control their children allowing them to run around uncontrolled like Romper Room. The Luongo Brothers band was excellent. Mainly playing older hits. They are the remaining members of the Poets. The 15 minute fireworks display was probably one of the best I seen this year so far. The jury is out whether I will be back next year.

Pittston Tomato Festival

Downtown Pittston

August 18, 2022

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

While most picnics are getting smaller. The Tomato Festival got bigger. This year they added rides for the children on an upper lot. It is a very nice picnic and always was. I was very lucky. I got a parking spot less than a block away from the grounds. The variety of food is amazing and delicious. They have some seating but could use more. I was lucky because the crowd wasn't as big on a Thursday. They had a good cover band in the firehouse bar. On the main stage the band was OK, not great, but definately not bad. Tori V and the Karma. She seemed to be a Joan Jett wannabe but had a good powerful voice. If they eliminated their original songs the show would be better. This band could rock. I heard some Rock N Roll classics that I haven't heard for years. I was surprised that 10pm came so fast. I would give this event 5 stars but the prices of the food are VERY EXPENSIVE. Also they can use more security because later in the night there were "puberty piles". Large bands of teenagers congregating on the grounds who don't move. Since I walk with cane it can be more difficult to get around. This used to be an issue at the Jessup carnival which I did not attend this year. Also more seating would be nice. I will defibately be back next year.

St. Jude's Parish Picnic

Mountaintop, PA

August 14, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

This picnic was great as expected. No food tickets. Hear that St. John's parish. I was lucky I got parking in the handicap area. Because it would have been a hard walk from the huge parking lot with my bum foot. The food was good and reasonably priced. The pasta and meatballs was huge and delicious. This year I finally got to try the chicken BBQ and baked potato. It was delicious. It seems that $14 is the typical price for a chicken BBQ this year. The big 6 wheel was back. Yeah. Poor Mohegan Sun casino which blocked the wheel other years. You can freely walk around with your beer and wine. The staff was all very friendly and helpful. For entertainment they had a DJ. He looked only 13 or 14 years old but HE WAS GOOD!. No rappin music and a great variety of music from the 60's through today. He even had a guest dancer who thought he was Michael Jackson. All and all a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

St. John the Evangelist Parish

William St. Pittston, PA

August 13, 2022

Rating 3 *** out of 5 *

This isn't a bad picnic. But it is a small not too exciting picnic. Plenty of parking right across the street. No beer tent. It was much smaller this year than other years. Apparently parents don't watch their children very well. Beacuse there were many unattended children running wildly on the grounds. The band was on the grounds instead of the street like other years. There were less stands than other years. There were not many stands for children. The stands were arranged different which brought more seating which is a good thing. The food was very good and reasonably priced. They put bingo where the huge flea market used to be. They said the flea market was on Memorial Day. The band Friends of Flaxy Morgan were very good. Just as good as Flaxy Morgan. Again my biggest complaint is they STILL use those annoying food tickets. You never know how many you actually need. I ended up giving away some. Even with the food tickets I will probably be back next year.

St. Rocco's Parish

Bunker Hill Section in Dunmore

August 12, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

St. Rocco's picnic was excellent as expected. The food is great and reasonably priced. They have a huge variety of food. You can walk around with your beer. There was a big basket raffle. There is plenty of seating. The band Picture Perfect was excellent. All your friends from Scranton and Dunmore were there. Only two complaints. Parking is very very tight. I was lucky to get a spot right after somebody pulled out. Also the picnic is over at 10pm even on a Friday. I would have stayed till 11 and got more food if they stayed open later. I will definately be back next year.

Springbrook Fire Company

Route 690 Springbrook Twp

August 11, 2022

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

This is a nice picnic. Seemed a little smaller than last year. The food was good and reasonably priced. They had fun and games for both children and adults. They have the biggest basket raffle that I ever seen. Over 145 baskets all in air conditioned comfort. The two piece band was fair. But most picnics do not bring top entertainment on Thursday. They had the cow flop. I should have bought a ticket but didn't. There was plenty of seating. I was surprised the crowd wasn't too big this year. Compared to last year. My biggest complaint was eventhough they had a huge handicap parking area. But over 70% percent of the cars did not have a placard and the lot was full. Lucky I got a spot right out front on Route 690. I will be back again next year.

St. Mary's Slavic Festival

Downtown Scranton

August 7, 2022

Rating 3 *** out of 5 *

This used to be a much larger picnic over several days. They used to have live music. For the last couple years it keeps getting smaller and smaller. This year they didn't have any outdoor seating. There was plenty of air conditioned indoor seating. The food selection was more limited this year. The potato pancakes were delicious. The basket raffle was much smaller than other years. Parking was right out front. I still think this is a very nice event and the AC was great on this 90 degree day. But this year it seemed like it was more geared to their own parishoners instead of drawing a large crowd. I will be back next year and also get a take out on their BBQ chicken dinner on September 25.

Triton Hose Company

Route 6 Tunkhannock, PA

August 4, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

The Triton Hose Company picnic was great as expected. The prices are great and the variety of food is huge. They have plenty of seating. The Triton Pizza is excellent. I think it is one of the best picnic pizzas. Unfortunately they will not have a stand at the Wyoming County Fair this year. The band Flaxy Morgan was good as expected. Third time I seem them this year. I usually park at the Donut shop. It costs $3 but you end up right near the carnival entrance so it is worth it. The carnival itself is a different company and they had many new and exciting rides. The company they got rid of only had old rides. The Ferris Wheel was huge. Going to the picnic we got stopped in downtown Tunkhannock by the Firemans parade. It was better than the Covington parade because it included a marching band and motorcycle group. What it should not have allowed is a political propaganda truck and trailer by the political party that supported and participated in the January 6 insurrection. Politics DO NOT belong at a firemans parade. The propaganda truck made the entire 30 minute parade much less enjoyable.

Christ the King Parish

Betty St. Eynon, PA

July 31, 2022

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

This a very nice picnic in Eynon. The food is very good. However they were sold out of a lot of items Sunday at 3pm. The food was very reasonably priced. There was no big lines at the food tent or the potato pancake stand. The pancakes are very good. The beer tent was almost empty. I was lucky and got a parking spot across from the church. They have a huge basket raffle. The Wannabes were entertaining but could have played louder because you could only hear them by the band tent. They sang the Tastycake song. I never heard a local band play this before. They have one seating area but a seating area by the band would be nice. All in all it was an enjoyable way to spend and hour and a half on a hot and humid Sunday.

Clifford Fire Company

Route 106 Clifford, PA

July 29, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

The Clifford Fire Company picnic was great as expected. Plenty of free parking. Up close Hcp. parking. No food tickets. The picnic is in a beautiful country location. They have a huge variety of food and beverages. They have some antique rides for the children. The roast beef was delicious as expected. But a little expensive this year. The Clifford historical society building was educational. There was plenty of seating. The chain saw carver was talented and entertaining. I think it was a different chain saw artist this year. The fireworks went back to a traditional old fashioned display set off by 4 people using highway torches instead of the synchronized computer fired display they had other years. But the display was good and lasted 1/2 hour between 10 and 1030. All and all it was a great picnic, it supports a great cause, and I will definately be back next year.

Germania Hose Company

Duryea, PA

July 22, 2022

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

(Go back to no food tickets and you would easily be 5*)

This was an enjoyable picnic. There was free parking on a grass lot. There were many close spots available. They had plenty of rides for the children. The basket raffle was huge. The food was good to very good and the lines were small. I would have liked to get their potato pancakes which usually are excellent. But the line for pancakes was very long. The band Flaxy Morgan was very good. They even sounded better than when I seen them last week. You were able to walk around with your beer. Now the bad. For the last several years Germania started using those very annoying food tickets. Years ago you can pay cash. Other picnics are getting rid of food tickets. Because you never know how many you need. I would have got more food last night but with the annoyance of the food tickets. I didn't bother and I think many other picnic patrons agree.

St. Joseph Marello Parish Picnic

William St. Pittston, PA

July 16, 2022

Rating 3 *** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This is a nice picnic. The food was good. However in the food tent they seemed to be a little short staffed. There was no beer cage, you were able to walk around with your beer. I didn't get to try the potato pancakes because the line was huge. They had a huge indoor flea market, and yes indoor air conditioned rest rooms. The band Flaxy Morgan was very good but they played more current music than classic hits like other picnic bands do. This year the picnic was much smaller with less stands. They had unlimited seating to eat and watch the band. Now the reason why I didn't give them a higher rating. Those annoying food tickets. You never know how many to get. Actually if they used cash I would have purchased more food but with the tickets. Why bother going back to the stand to buy more. A lot of area picnics are getting rid of food tickets. Hear that Joseph Marello parish.

Covington Township Fire Company

Route 502 Daleville, PA

July 14, 2022

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

I was not sure what to expect. But this year the parking lot attendants were very friendly and helpful. The fire fighters parade was loud, long, and enjoyable. They had a large variety of rides for the children. The grounds are large. They had job johnnies in addition to the permanent building which is usually quite odorous. The band Blue Moxie were very enjoyable and played many classics and hits. The food was very good to excellent. Then why am I not giving Covington a 5 * rating. This year the food was EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE compared to other picnics that I went to this year. Pizza was $3. Fresh cut fries were $4. Meatball hoagie was $8. Can of Pepsi was $2. Everything at Covington went up by $1 or sometimes $2. But since it helps a great cause I can overlook the high prices, and will definately be back next year.

Nativity of Our Lord Parish

Stephenson St. Duryea, PA

July 8, 2022

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This picnic was much better than last year but still not as good as when it was at the other location. This year they brought back the potato pancake express line. But the line was long. They moved pizza to the main food tent but it was still made in the pancake garage which resulted in some long waits for pizza. They didn't offer pasta this year which was good last year. The lines at the food tents were huge. You could still walk around with your beer. There was plenty of seating. Picture Perfect was excellent as expected. Hopefully they will not have the Polka bands come back. This year the shuttle bus was a small limo bus instead of the 72 passenger school bus like last year. The bus brought you right to the gate. This was a nice very enjoyable picnic and I will be back next year.

Scrantastic Spectacular

Downtown Scranton

July 3, 2022

Rating (Barely) 3 *** out of 5*

Here is the good, the bad, the eeh, and the downright stupid at the Scrantastic Spectacular. First the good. The crowds weren't as big as in other years. Makes easier to get around since I walk with a cane. The lines at the vendors were much smaller and moving quicker. It seemed to me there were less vendors. There was plenty of center seating at the Philharmonic. The fireworks were decent but I seen better. The soundtrack during the fireworks was excellent. Now the eeh. The Philharmonic orchestra seemed much smaller this year. They didn't do all the patriotic favorites that they usually do. They didn't have a singer. Last time they had an excellent singer who sang God Bless America. They didn't do the presentation of colors of the various branches of the military like other years. Yes the Philharmonic are very talented musicians but this years performance was rather boring. Now the bad. I got jipped by the idiots at ABM parking again at their Linden Street garage. Instead of having human attendants they have an idiotic automated system which barely works right. After waiting 20 minutes in line in the vestibule to get to the one pay kiosk. I paid with my debit card. It showed $6.00 paid. Another 20 plus minutes to get out of the garage. Went to the left gate on Linden St. Gate wouldn't open. Said the ticket wasn't paid. I had just paid it 20 minutes earlier. Had to put my debit card in for the gate to open. Charged the $6.00 TWICE. When the idiots from ABM parking come in Tuesday, there is a "nice" message on three of their extensions demanding a refund. This company is incompetent. There were never problems when the city of Scranton ran the garages. Finally the downright stupid. Last year at La Festa the idiot propaganda trucks by a Scranton "businessman" were nowhere to be seen. Yeah!! This year lo and behold at the corner of North Washington and Biden there was the idiot propaganda truck by the Scranton "businessman". When I go to a festival in Scranton. I go to enjoy the music, food, fireworks, and friends. I DO NOT want to see partison propaganda by a Scranton "businessman" who is still crying like a baby almost weekly at the Scranton City Council meetings about changing the name of Spruce St. to Biden St. I sent an e mail to city council to complain about the offensive truck.

Elmhurst Roaring Brook Fire Company

Off Rte 435 Elmhurst, PA

June 24, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

As expected this picnic was excellent. Definately one of the best of the season. The food was good and reasonably priced.The potato pancakes were especially good this year and the line moved fast. The basket raffle was huge. The parking was close by. The staff was friendly and helpful. The Sperazza band was excellent as expected. Plenty of seating and places to eat your food. Even the very annoying siren at the hot wings stand was tolerable. I will definitely be back next year.

Mary Mother of God Annual Block Party

West Market Street

North Scranton June 17 & 18, 2022

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

This is without a doubt one of the best of the season. It is the first year back with a full block party after having a drive thru event the last two years. It is great not just because it is my parish, but because the event is done right. On Friday the tribute to veterans was awesome. Picture Perfect is the best party band in all of NEPA and played music for everyone. The food was great and reasonably priced. The staff was friendly and helpful. There was a line at the potato pancakes but it is expected because they are great. There were over 71 theme baskets. The beer was ice cold. There were games and fun for both children and events. I want to thank everyone who stopped by at my table to play a hand or two of Irish Poker. On Saturday Jim Cerminaro sang many classic favorites and even a few tunes in Italian. The Chatter played Top 40 hits from today and the past and made for an enjoyable night for all. The potato pancakes sold out. If you missed this picnic you missed a great time at one of the best of the season. Coming this fall the parish will be having a night at the races on Saturday September 24 at the parish hall. Check it out.

Jefferson Township Carnival on the Mountain

Mt. Cobb, PA

June 15, 2022

Rating 3 *** out of 5 *

This is a nice picnic. But not a very exciting picnic. The food was very good and reasonably priced. The basket raffle was big. They had the usual rides for the children, but it seemed like there were less rides this year. They did not have a beer tent this year which is ok by me because I don't like to drink and drive. The parking lot wasn't muddy this year. The biggest thing I missed was the band. Because they usually get good bands. They had music playing but it is not the same as a band. Even without the band it was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours on a Wednesday. Possibly the crowd will be bigger on the weekend.

Lackawanna County Heritage Fair

Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

June 4, 2022

Rating 2 ** out of 5 *

This was the first time that I attended this event. First impression. It took over 1 hour and 25 minutes to get from my home in Green Ridge to the mountain. Second impression. The police directing traffic on Montage Mountain Road had no clue what they were doing. Third impression the final road to the parking lot is very narrow and dangerous. The Hcp. accessible parking was close to the gate, first good thing. I was impressed with the security. They wand you and check your bags. With all the gun nuts out there I really liked that and felt safe. The food consisted of several vendors and a few food trucks. At the hotdog stand $1.00 hotdogs. I thought cool. I ordered two, cold and hard. The bottle of water was warm as piss. Tried the ice cream stand, at four in the afternoon sold out of chocolate, vanilla, and several other popular flavors. The pizza stand had a huge line with only one employee in the stand. I would have liked to try it. The layout was very hodge podge and unorganized. Most of the food vendors were understaffed and clueless with huge lines. The entertainment. The Donnybrook Irish band were good for their type of music. Next up was Room 108. I wish I had a gas mask because they stunk. When we were leaving there was over 200 people waiting in line to get in and they were putting people in the lower parking lot and making them walk up the mountain. I feel sorry for them. I am being very generous giving this poor excuse for a fair a two star rating. The only reason they are getting a two star rating is the $10 admission included parking, rides, and the water park. Which is a bargain if you have children. I don't ride or water park. Will try again next year and hopefully they will make several changes to make this like some of the "better" more established fairs.