On this page I will list all the picnics, bazaars, festivals, & fairs that I attended during the 2024 picnic season. Also some comments about the event, and my rating of the event.

Due to the issue with my left foot and right knee,(it's no fun getting old) I will most likely only be visiting limited picnics this season. Feel free to e mail your ratings of any picnics you attend and I will publish them

Nativity of Our Lord

Stevenson St.

Duryea, PA

July 13, 2024

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This was a nice picnic as expected. Still not as good as it was when they were at the other location. The food was good and very reasonably priced. The pizza was excellent. You could walk around with your beer. I would have liked to get potato pancakes but the line was too long. Parking at the VFW and a shuttle to the grounds. The Sperazza Band was excellent. I am glad to see them do their reunion show. I hope they play again soon. The staff was friendly. There were plenty of tables but not enough chairs. I will definitely be back next year.

Covington Fire Company Picnic

Route 502

Covington Twp, PA

July 11, 2024

Rating 4 **** out of 5 *

The food was good but quite expensive. A huge variety of food. They had tons of rides for the children. The fireman's parade was loud but seemed somewhat unorganized this year but still enjoyable. The rest rooms were not as OC (Odorously challenged) this year. The band Bad Liars was fair but listenable. I will probably be back next year.

Dalton Hose Company Picnic

Off Route 632

Dalton, PA

July 9, 2024

Rating 4 **** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

This is a nice picnic. They have a huge variety of food. Some of the food was quite expensive this year. The Chinchilla Hose company pizza was excellent. They have ice cold beer. They have older rides for the children, but still very safe. The band was the Mega Band. They were just fair. All in all it was a very enjoyable way to waste a few hours. I will be back next year.

Scrantastic Spectacular

Downtown Scranton

July 3, 2024

Rating 3 *** and 1/2 * out of 5 *

The Scrantastic Spectular was OK but not great. There seemed to be less people there this year. They had several food trucks including some new ones. The lines at the food trucks were reasonable except for Jitty Joe's ice cream, it was packed. The Philharmonic were entertaining and patriotic as expected. I still miss when they did a tribute to the military. There were nearly not enough job johnnies (only 3) and the smell would make you want to vomit. The fireworks were off to a slow start but got to be great as the show went on. The music they played during the fireworks was much better. I started to walk to the garage while the fireworks were still going on. So I cashed out easier. They should have more than one pay station. This year only took 20 minutes to get out of the garage. Why? The incompetence of ABM parking again. Luckily I did not have an issue this year but the gates were not going up for many people in front of me. It seems the attendant was clueless. All in all it wasn't too bad a way to waste a few hours, but could be better.

Elmhurst Roaring Brook Fire Company Picnic

Right off Route 435

Elmhurst, PA

June 28, 2024

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

This picnic is definitely one of the best of the season. It is just a short ride from Scranton. The food is great and reasonably priced and they have a huge variety. The bands are decent. I was lucky to get one of the handicap parking spots. You are able to walk around with your beer. The staff is fast and friendly. They have plenty of games for the children and a few adult games. Even the very annoying siren at the hot wings stand wasn't as bad this year. If you missed this one you missed a great picnic. I will be back next year and also their at their BBQ chicken dinner in October.

Mary Mother of God Parish

West Market St.

Scranton, PA

June 14 & June 15, 2024

Rating 5 ***** out of 5 *

The Mary Mother of God parish block party was great as expected. The food is great and reasonably priced. The games are fun. The volunteers were friendly and helpful. Picture Perfect on Friday was excellent as expected. Mace In Dickson on Saturday were good for their type of Southern Rock. I prefer a classic rock or top 40 band. There was plenty of seating. Even "Taylor Swift" made a guest appearance. There was a huge basket and dining around raffle. They even had the diaper derby twice. Parking was tight as expected but it was worth the little walk for this one of the best picnics for the season.